Looking to buy a home?

We’ve specialized in mortgage lending for nearly a century. We don’t just offer home loans. We offer the confidence, reliability, and peace of mind you need to buy the home of your dreams. Let Washington Federal help with all your home loan needs, today.

Looking to move? Don’t wait for your home to sell.

Washington Federal’s unique, cross-collateral loan allows you to borrow a portion of the value of your new home, depending on how much equity you have in your present home. You secure a fixed-rate loan covering both properties that you pay down once you sell your current home. You’ll qualify based on the projected payment for your new home only. This is an exclusive program available only at Washington Federal.  Ask your loan officer for a personalized scenario showing how a cross-collateral loan could specifically work for you.

We know buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. That’s why it’s important to work with experts. Washington Federal has been making home loans since 1917.

Buy with confidence. 30-Year Fixed Rate Purchase-Only Mortgage

80% LTV, Owner Occupied
​​4.​000% Rate
​​4.097% APR
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Rate is subject to change as well as credit approval and underwriting guidelines. For example, a loan amount of $​700,000, down payment of 20% ($1​75,000), pre-paids of $500 and a settlement fee est. of $500, and a 1.00% loan fee results in a principal and interest payment of $3,342. Available on loan amounts up to $​700,000. Ask us about rates for refinancing, second homes and rental properties.

Payment Questions

Homeowners having difficulties can contact us for guidance.

Are you having difficulty making your loan payments, or concerned about foreclosure? Are you seeking to explore alternative arrangements? Generally, in order to explore alternate options for making loan payments, we encourage you to contact the nearest Washington Federal branch, or call us toll free at 1-800-324-9375.

Should you decide to explore potential options with us, please collect the following documents for presentation:

  1. Last 2 pay stubs and last 2 year’s W-2s
  2. If self employed, last 2 year’s tax returns and YTD profit/loss and balance sheet
  3. Proof of other income (rental agreements, alimony, etc.)
  4. Last 2 bank and brokerage statements
  5. Loan/creditor balances, account numbers, payments
  6. A list of other assets
For a list of HUD-approved, nonprofit, home ownership counseling organizations, call toll free 1-800-569-4287. Or you may contact the Department of Financial Institutions, the Washington State Bar Association, or the statewide civil legal aid hotline for possible assistance or referrals.

Home Loan Application Checklist

Here's what we need to know so we can help you get the home you want:

  • Copy of the purchase and sale agreement
  • Your home address for the past two years
  • Employer’s name and address for the past two years
  • Last two pay stubs and the past two years’ W-2s
  • Proof of other income (rental agreements, copies of contract receivables plus 12 months’ payment record, and/or record of alimony or child support and child support payments received – alimony need not be revealed)
  • Last two bank and brokerage statements
  • Outstanding loans—including company name, address, account number, balance and monthly payment
  • Landlord’s name, address and phone number, if applicable
  • If self-employed or commissioned sales, last two years’ tax returns, and for the business, a year-to-date income statement and balance sheet