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Washington Federal believes that banking is more than a series of financial transactions.  It is a commitment to building relationships with clients, shareholders and the community at large.  Each and every transaction holds a deeper meaning -- an opportunity to own a home, a deposit toward a future goal, an investment in a thriving business.  We believe a good bank understands this and provides a secure financial foundation that helps clients accomplish their goals so that all can benefit.

That kind of business model takes a long-term perspective and a commitment to the communities we serve. It means we are truly "invested here."

Since our founding in 1917, we've operated with a long-term perspective.  We don't look for short-term gains. Instead, we pursue conservative and time-proven banking practices. That's why we maintain capital levels that are more than twice the level considered to be "well capitalized."  Washington Federal is now one of the top 50 largest banks in the U.S. and has paid a cash dividend to our shareholders for more than 100 quarters. 

In everything we do, we seek to find a simple, practical and common-sense solution.  We're one of the most efficiently-run banks in the nation, with overhead that's generally half that of our competition.

At our core, we perform a simple function. We accept deposits that our clients give us and use those funds to, in turn, make loans to other families in the neighborhood who wish to buy homes.  The very nature of our business model helps the people we serve - and the neighborhoods where we operate - to flourish.  We believe in mutual gain, where our success leads to the community's success.






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